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Prairie River Outfitters & Sunny Brook Camp
Prairie River Outfitters
Sunny Brook Camp LLC
41508 River Road
Sparks, NE 69220



Prairie River Outfitters
Sunny Brook Camp
Prarie River Outfitters & Sunny Brook Camp would like to be your guide to river fun. Here are some guidelines to make your trip safer and more enjoyable.

We promote safety.
  • All Niobrara Council, State, Federal and Local Regulations will be obeyed.
  • All Prairie River Outfitters river users are to be off the water 1 hours before sunset. Extra charges may be incurred if not off the river in time.
  • All Prairie River Outfitters river users: Common sense, laws, respect and caution must be used and obeyed at all times to guarantee a safe and enjoyable trip.
  • Strict Alcohol Policy (We will not tolerate loud or obnoxious behavior in camp or vessels). You maybe asked to leave without a refund.
  • All trips include: Transportation from Camp to Put in Point, Put in and Take Out Fees at proper locations, Life Vests and Paddles.
  • All river activities are risk sports ~ both known and unknown dangers. There are no lifeguards on the river. Prairie River Outfitters & Sunny Brook Camp is not responsible for accidents.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any trip in case of drunkenness, severe or threatening weather or other circumstances.
  • Your group must provide the names of everyone going down the Niobrara River. Required by the Niobrara Council.
  • We recommend 2 people/canoe unless there are small children or an uneven number of people. (Try a Kayak)
  • Canoes are made for water floatation. Do not overload or drag on the ground.
  • When landing a canoe, pull in parallel to the bank. Do not hit the bank nose first.
  • Always keep the vessel parallel with the current. Especially in rough water.
  • Do not use paddles for pry bars.