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Prairie River Outfitters & Sunny Brook Camp
Prairie River Outfitters
Sunny Brook Camp LLC
41508 River Road
Sparks, NE 69220



Prairie River Outfitters
Sunny Brook Camp
Niobrara National Scenic River

Directions to Sunny Brook Camp

  • Coming from the West (Valentine) aproximately 40 minutes.
    • Best All Weather Road
    • Take Hwy 12 to Sparks (18 mi), turn south and drive for approximately 5 miles to the river.
    • Follow the county road east 6 miles to Sunny Brook Camp.

  • Coming from the East (Springview) aproximately 35 minutes
    • Not For Rainy Weather
    • Take Hwy 12 west (20 mi), to Norden.
    • Go west of Norden about 1 and 1/2 miles to mile marker 28 on the curve of the highway.
    • Turn south on the county road (Mule Shoe Ave) and stay on it for about 5 miles to the river bottom.
    • Take a right onto Sparks River Road/River Road, go about 2 miles to Rocky Ford, and continue 1 more mile to Sunny Brook Camp.