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Prairie River Outfitters & Sunny Brook Camp
Prairie River Outfitters
Sunny Brook Camp LLC
41508 River Road
Sparks, NE 69220



Prairie River Outfitters
Sunny Brook Camp
River View

Our family has been helping people enjoy the beautiful Niobrara River since 1974. We have been fortunate enough to enjoy the serenity of this area and want you to join us for a breathtaking experience.

The Niobrara River has an average of knee to waist deep water, although there are areas where it is much deeper. The river flows at a steady stream year round flowing at 7 -8 miles per hour, dropping an average of 11 feet per mile. This makes for a float with a few rapids that are class 1 & 2 for the novice paddler. Sights to see on the river are the Fort Niobrara River Wildlife Refuge, Fort Falls, sheer cliffs, the river's historic bridges and Smith Falls (the Tallest Falls in Nebraska) as well as the wildlife and geological mixture.

We offer trips with varying lengths of float time. All our trips begin when you meet us at Sunny Brook Camp. Please arrive before the shuttle time to confirm registration as well as other details. You'll leave your vehicle at Sunny Brook Camp and board on a bus or van. From there we will take you to the designated starting point. We'll assign a vessel to you and your river adventure will begin. After you have traveled down the scenic Niobrara River your trip will bring you back to Sunny Brook Camp.